Renewed Space

20151122_114825We are currently undertaking a consultation seeking views of the congregation over what should be our priories in making our building fit for purpose for the needs of a 21st century church.

10 years ago our church building was in danger of being closed. The congregation that then met in it offered the church building up to God asking for his will to be done, whether that meant closing the church or keeping it open. 10 years later, after the building was given one of the largest English Heritage grants in Cheshire to repair the roof it is now a thriving church in a dry and warm building. Since then we have completed the first phase of building renewal to improve the welcome and worship experience.Christ Church Plan copy

We are now seeking your views on your priorities for the next phase of our renewed space project. To take part, our consultation form can be down loaded here and either placed in the collection box on the platform in church or emailed to

We believe God has given the building back to us as a community and we seek to use the building space we have in Newtown wherever we can. Part of this is seeing the space renewed to be a space that is versatile and usable for the glory of God.